Weflow Experience is a physical, mental and spiritual journey that unleashes our inner potential to connect with the energy field of the body, discover our true infinite nature and become fully present through the awakening power of movement. 

Merging the wonders of Eastern practices and Modern physics, Weflow focuses on the intrinsic connection between mind body through a holistic journey to attune with the Present moment.

Physical motions, energetic visualisations, breath practices and rhythmic sequences to flow through and beyond space-time with freedom and wholeness.

“There is a massive difference between an intensive where you train with various tools and this one where you witness a whole philosophy behind each movement. To be moved from consciousness, experiencing the transformation of the body. Each day of training is to experience a true trance, in the most vast meaning of the word.
– Participant of Weflow Experience workshop in Madrid 2019.


Julia Robert and Rudi Cole are founders of Weflow Experience, co-artistic directors of the dance company Humanhood and life partners.
Since 2015 they are researching a specific flow of movement based on energy, breath and intent. Being both professionally trained dancers, their curiosity and life research have brought them around the world learning and experiencing Tai-Chi from Alec Jones in the UK, Moving Breath from Sheela Raj in New Delhi, Shamanism with Ximena&Santiago in Ecuador, Bioneuroemotion from Enric Corbera in Barcelona, Matrix Energetics from Richard Bartlett & Melissa Joy, WHM from Wim Hoff in Poland, Resonance Science Foundation with Nassim Haramein, the Silva Mind Control Method by José Silva and meditation by Dr. Joe Dispenza, among many others. Interested in the world of physics and astrophysics they undertake their own research while collaborating with scientists from Birmingham University. Gathering the information of Ancient knowledge and the new discoveries in physics, together with their own insights into the body/mind, Rudi and Julia undertake an ongoing research into the power of movement. Their main teacher is Nature herself.

“The depth and importance of the information Rudi and Julia share in their workshops is on another level. What they say and demonstrate with their bodies is new and different and resonates with your whole being”

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